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From: Kerstin Kalup (a5wga3@zv.fhg.de)
Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 00:56:01 PDT

Dear Sirs,

the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is the leading organization for technical
and organizational innovations in Europe. Round about 9000 employees
work with 47 institutes located in all lands of the Federal Republic of
Germany, mostly scientists and engineers. Branches in the USA and in
Asia support international cooperation. The central hub of the company
is located in Munich. Due to the extent of our internet (approx. 60.000
documents) and of our intranet (approx. 15.000-30.000 documents per
institute) we respectivley our applicators have to rely on a tool which
is able to find content quickly and comfortably.

The general agreement concerning conditions of employment of the
searchengine-software most of our institutes work with at the moment
does not support the latest update. Consequently we have to choose a new
product. Because of the fast innovations in software-products we would
like to carry out a big-sized selection process before deciding for one

Attached you will find a self-created catalog with demands on your
software ht://Dig. We please you to fill out completely this question
sheet by mouse click and to send it back. With this criterion catalog we
will make a predecision of products, which have to be presentated to the
department of strategic information and communication systems in our
central hub in Munich. Further on a testinstallation has to be done
before finally deciding for a product.

In case your person is not be able to handle this inquiry we please you
to forward it to the responsible person in your company.
Please send back the catalog filled out within the next 14 days via
e-mail to Mrs. Martina Lillmanntoens (e-mail:
Martina.Lillmanntoens@zv.fhg.de, phone: +49(0)89-1205-199) with copy to
Ms. Kerstin Kalup (e-mail: Kalup@zv.fhg.de).

Many thanks for your support.

With best regards

Martina Lillmanntoens


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