[htdig] virtual hosts and url_part_aliases

Subject: [htdig] virtual hosts and url_part_aliases
From: John Sullivan (jsulliva@saturn.vcu.edu)
Date: Tue Sep 19 2000 - 10:53:50 PDT

I'm having a slight problem, and hope that someone can help.

We have a number of virtual hosts, which are something of the form:

http://www.example.vcu.edu/ -> http://www.vcu.edu/sample

Now right now, assuming both have links to them (as often happens) we
end up with two entries for a particular page, so if the word "febo" is
on http://www.example.vcu.edu/, a search for febo will turn up both
the above URL's.

What I'm thinking of doing (and am about to try) is setting up
url_part_aliases thus:

url_part_aliases: www.example.vcu.edu *1 \
                  www.vcu.edu/sample *1

so that both will get stored the same way. Will this lead to any
problems? I presume I'd then want to have a slightly different config
file for search, so that *1 expands uniquely (probably to
www.example.vcu.edu in this case).

The two reasons we want to do this is so that we'd be able to restrict a
search to www.example.vcu.edu and to rid of the double hits.

Thanks in advance.

John S. Sullivan
University Computing Services
"It's not fish yer buyin, it's Mens Lives"
Sir Walter Scott

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