[htdig] Two languages and accentuated words

Subject: [htdig] Two languages and accentuated words
From: Manuel Monteiro (nelo@astro.up.pt)
Date: Tue Sep 19 2000 - 07:24:42 PDT

Dear all,

I've installed ht://dig 3.1.5 on my alphaev6-osf4.0f and it's working nicely.

On my website i have 2 languages, english an portuguese. I've added the following line to the configuration file in order to support portuguese:

# Languages
locale: pt_PT
lang_dir: ${common_dir}/portugues
bad_word_list: ${lang_dir}/bad_words
endings_affix_file: ${lang_dir}/portugues.aff
endings_dictionary: ${lang_dir}/portugues.0
endings_root2word_db: ${lang_dir}/root2word.db
endings_word2root_db: ${lang_dir}/word2root.db

The search in english works perfectly but in portuguese I can only search words without accentuation.

Just an exemple:
        * If i search for 'Monteiro' the results will show both english and portuguese entries.
        * If i search for 'Mapa' (map in portuguese) the results will show portuguese entries.
        * If i search for 'Seminário' (seminar in portuguese and written seminário in HTML) it reports: No matches were found for '(seminário or seminários)'

Any ideas how to solve this?

TIA. Best regards,

Manuel Monteiro

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