[htdig] htsearch error: Permission denied

Subject: [htdig] htsearch error: Permission denied
From: Florin Jurcovici (a_flj_@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Sep 18 2000 - 23:30:53 PDT

Hello everybody.

I just subscribed to the list, as soon as I installed htdig - I'm having
trouble with it.

I installed it on a Linux w. Apache. Evything works fine, except that
whenever htsearch is called as a CGI script, it generates an error in the
log files of apache:

WordDB: /usr/local/htdig/var/htdig/db.w... (something): Permission denied.

If I run htsearch from the command line, it works OK. If I su to "nobody"
(which is the user as which Apache calls htsearch, I get the same error in
the system logs, if I run htsearch with -vvv -d.

All files in the /usr/local/htdig directory are world readable. At compile
time I set prefix to /usr/local/htdig/ and sysconfdir to /etc/. I didn't
pass any other arg to the ./configure script.

I checked, and my copy of gcc also installs libstdc++ by default. Also,
neither ./configure nor make generated any errors or serious warnings (maybe
a "variable not used" or something alike, but nothing more serious).

Does htsearch need write access to the database files? I suppose not.

See you,

Florin Jurcovici.
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