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Subject: Re: [htdig] Re: Guess this is a FAQ
From: Clint Gilders (
Date: Fri Sep 15 2000 - 07:10:36 PDT

> (Compile in mod_autoindex, and set IndexOptions as you want.)
mod_autoindex is compiled into apache by default so unless whomever
compiled apache specifically disabled it it is most likely there.

> Could you send an example configuration of Apache that uses the
> mod_autoindex?

In apache you need to have "Indexes" enabled in your httpd.conf. This
is usually done by default and looks something like this once you have
added other options to it:
                <Directory "/path/to/you/root/dir">
                        Options Indexes Includes MultiViews ExecCGI

To utilize it all you need to do is point htdig (start_url:) at a
directory that conatains none of the defualt index files (index.html,
index.htm, index.whatever the sysadmin has added) and apache will spit
out a listing of all the files in the directory. Htdig will then
follow all those links to wherever you allow it with limit_urls_to:

        limit_urls_to: /path/to/dir/

You can also make a web page that contains links to the directories you
want to index and use that as your start_url:

        limit_urls_to: /path/to/dir/

Clint Gilders
Servermaster Onlinehobbyist Inc.

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