[htdig] Installing on Vservers.com Virtual Server (BSD Unix)

Subject: [htdig] Installing on Vservers.com Virtual Server (BSD Unix)
From: Brett Rabideau (misha@toto.com)
Date: Wed Sep 13 2000 - 11:30:36 PDT

Thanks all -

I've managed to install ht://dig. Don't know if it will WORK for me
yet<G>, but I'm sure you'll hear from me if it doesn't - however I think
I'm over the hardest part.

Here's the list of things that were needed to get everything to work on a
Vservers.com virtual server account:

1. Modify the following CONFIG.in options to reflect the local directory


2. Set the following environment variables to use the proper compiler and

setenv CFLAGS "-O2"
setenv CXXFLAGS "-O2"
setenv CPPFLAGS "-I/usr/include/g++ -I/usr/local/include/g++"
setenv CXX "/usr/bin/g++"

3. Run Configure:


4. edit the file, Makefile.config.in, and add the two includes to the INCS

5. Run making using the GCC make, not the BSD Make:

/usr/local/bin/make install

Thanks to everyone again for all the help - it was GREATLY appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Brett Rabideau
 "She sells C-Shells and other Assorted Perls by the Seashore..."
 Periwinkle Communications LLC
 Performance-based Web Site Hosting, Programming & Design

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