[htdig] Reindexing single document

Subject: [htdig] Reindexing single document
From: Josef Drexler (jdrexler@julian.uwo.ca)
Date: Tue Sep 12 2000 - 12:59:25 PDT


Is it possible to add a single document to htdig's database, without
reindexing the whole site? I use htdig to offer search capabilities
for a mailing list archive, so new documents are added very frequently and
I'd like to speed up adding them to the database.

It's relatively easy to run htdig on a single document, with a temporary
configuration file like

include: htdig.conf
start_url: `/tmp/single.url`

but then if I run htmerge it either removes all of the old documents or
doesn't add the new one. I'm running htdig with "-i -a -h 1 -c
$CONFDIR/htsingle.conf" and that seems to do what I want, but how do I
tell htmerge to combine the .work files with the real files?


Josef Drexler

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