Re: [htdig] has anybody seen this before ?

Subject: Re: [htdig] has anybody seen this before ?
From: Tod Thomas (
Date: Tue Sep 12 2000 - 06:47:52 PDT

Geoff Hutchison wrote:

> I'm going to take a guess that you didn't compile ht://Dig yourself. What
> version and OS are you using? Where did you get the binary package?

No, I did compile it - v3.1.5 on AIX 4.3. However, I did compile it
originally on a separate box and then port the compiled binaries to
other machines - same o/s but different hardware. Maybe the different
hardware architecture is the culprit?

> This would most likely be a completely separate issue. Are you sure you
> have HTML links to all files? Are you sure the files are linked on a path
> from your start_url? For example, it's easy enough for me to make a
> personal home page, but if you can't get from to
> ~foo, it will never be found.

I've checked for all of this and everything is fine. I just threw this
in on the off chance this was somehow related to the errors I was

Thanks to you and Gilles both for responding.


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