[htdig] has anybody seen this before ?

Subject: [htdig] has anybody seen this before ?
From: Tod Thomas (tthomas@chubb.com)
Date: Mon Sep 11 2000 - 11:31:26 PDT

I'm getting this very infrequently but the message is curious. Do I
have a problem with my db?

DB2 problem...: /opt/app/htdig/common/word2root.db: Error 0
DB2 problem...: /opt/app/htdig/common/word2root.db: file size not a
multiple of the pagesize

Right now I'm running both htdig and htmerg nightly in a shell script
with the -a flag. Once both stages are complete I just mv the .work
files over the existing db files. Is this the wrong thing to do? Is
there a better way? Could this be a reason some users are complaining
that content they know exists doesn't show up in the search? Any ideas
would be appreciated.

Thanks - Tod

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