Re: [htdig] Another indexing & external_parsers issue

Subject: Re: [htdig] Another indexing & external_parsers issue
From: Andrew Scherpbier (
Date: Mon Sep 11 2000 - 06:46:24 PDT

Martin Mielke wrote:
> The problem is that running rundig gives an error like:
> sh: /usr/local/bin/ No such file or directory
> The file does exist and it's root.root 755 mode set.

Make sure that the first line of /usr/local/bin/ points to where
perl actually exists. It is a common (and very stupid!) error message you
get with perl programs copied from other systems.

For example, if your perl executable resides in /usr/local/bin, then the
first line should be


I'll leave your other question to be answered by someone else. ;->

Andrew Scherpbier <>
Evoke Communications <>

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