[htdig] Another indexing & external_parsers issue

Subject: [htdig] Another indexing & external_parsers issue
From: Martin Mielke (martinm@people-com.com)
Date: Mon Sep 11 2000 - 03:40:59 PDT

Dear all,

I've been browsing the archives looking for my answers but they aren't
According to the FAQ 4.9, I should change htdig.conf to contain:

external_parsers: application/msword /usr/local/bin/parse_doc.pl \
                     application/postscript /usr/local/bin/parse_doc.pl
                     application/pdf /usr/local/bin/parse_doc.pl

Some lines below a better parser (conv_doc.pl) is recommended, so my
external_parsers points to it.

The problem is that running rundig gives an error like:

         sh: /usr/local/bin/conv_doc.pl: No such file or directory

The file does exist and it's root.root 755 mode set.

Furthermore, start_url: http://intranet/, but only the directories are being
indexed. I cannot find any document ...

As always, any light at the end of the tunnel will be much appreciated.


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