[htdig] using ht://Dig with Apache Virtual hosts ?

Subject: [htdig] using ht://Dig with Apache Virtual hosts ?
From: mnemonic@unions.org
Date: Fri Sep 08 2000 - 11:26:24 PDT

Hello htdig@htdig.org,

      I'm running Apache 1.3.12 with SSL support and I wanted to use
      htsearch to index the sites on the server ...

      I've configured a "normal" host "www.xyz.com" and
      a Virtual host "secure.xyz.com" .
      I've configured my network interface with an alias IP Address,
      so secure.xyz.com and www.xyz.com resolve to different
      IP addresses .

      And now the Problem :
          secure.xyz.com and www.xyz.com have the same webpages on
          them except that secure.xyz.com transfers data over https
          and the other one over http .

          If one searches www.xyz.com the results appear with the
          correct link (for example:
          http://www.xyz.com/this/file/here.html ) but if one does the
          same on secure.xyz.com the protocol type of the result links
          is wrong (it is still something like
          http://www.xyz.com/this/file/here.html instead of
          https://www.xyz.com/this/file/here.html )

     Does anyone know a solution for this problem except running 2
     different webservers with a different ht://Dig configuration ?

Best regards,
 mnemonic                          mailto:mnemonic@unions.org

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