Re: [htdig] prefix_match_character (*) used

Subject: Re: [htdig] prefix_match_character (*) used
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Fri Sep 08 2000 - 08:48:42 PDT

According to Huby, Patrick:
> Thanks very much Gilles.
> I modified as follows:
> " search_algorithm: exact:1 endings:0.1 prefix:1 "
> and apparently it works fine.....

Ah! I just remembered a strange interaction between this attribute
and locales. On many platforms, if you select a locale that defines
a different floating decimal format (e.g. fr or fr_FR), then you must
use that locale's convention for specifying fractional weights for the
algorithms. This is the case on any system where the atof() function
is locale-aware. You may want to try:

    " search_algorithm: exact:1 endings:0,1 prefix:0,1 "

to get a lower weight for prefix matches, and to get the endings
algorithm to work properly. However, for this to work correctly, you
need to remove the final comma (in quotes) from the following line in

    StringList algs(config["search_algorithm"], " \t,");

or apply the patch which
includes this fix as well as Robert Marchand's accents fuzzy algorithm.

> Merci encore (je pense que tu connais bien la langue franšaise...)
> Patrick

Passablement bien, oui.

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