[htdig] Maximum url character size

Subject: [htdig] Maximum url character size
From: Aaron Avery (aavery@ephibian.com)
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 11:49:00 PDT

I've looked through all of the configuration options and I don't see any
options for this...

I'm using htdig as a search engine for a DB backed website, it does a
wonderful job with indexing the DB entries. Problem I'm having is when
it displays the entire url in a search result. Normal urls are fine,
but something like
spans further than entire width of the screen. (Won't word wrap because
of the lack of spaces.) Is there currently an option in htdig that will
limit a length of the url displayed? ( i.e.
http://somedomain.com/script.asp?text=%20-%20Testing... ) If not, is
there a way to disable the url from appearing in the results? If
neither of the options are available than this might be an idea for
later on down the road.
Thanks, keep up the good work.

Aaron Avery
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