RE: [htdig] searching in flash movies

Subject: RE: [htdig] searching in flash movies
From: Srini Sathya. (
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 10:24:07 PDT

i can rebuild my flash file after adding a directory noproblem at all for
that one. But how can i make HTDIG to navigate thro that flash file for
digging the entire site, there lies the bottleneck??. As soon as the htdig
starts retriving the flash file it checks for the content-type in the header
for that file and if that not an html it displays an message called "not an
html" and proceeding to another html file. We are very happy with the
htdigs features would be happpppppppppyyyyyyyy if htdig provides this
feature too. If i have any workaround for this one, i can rebuild my flash
file each and every time i add a sub-directory.

Can anyone suggest some ways for this??


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Subject: RE: [htdig] searching in flash movies

At 4:21 PM +0100 9/7/2000, Srini Sathya. wrote:
>i am having exactly the same problem I have an flash file (swf) which
>contains all the hyperlink to the main site. I wanna to dig all the
>relative sites which that flash file contains. Is this achievable??.
>Currently i am creating an link manually for all those links and then
>digging. This, considering the long-term requirements will not help as lot
>of sub-directories will getting added, is there any workaround??

If you have any control over the content, Flash has several ways to
add a visible version of the text in the movie. I believe there's an
option when you generate the movie, and I know the AfterShock utility
will build both text and HTML links automatically.

There must be a way to get into the Flash movie because the
search engine can index them. I think they made a deal with
Macromedia for the file format though.

In the long run, I sure hope SVG wins over Flash -- it's a proper
XML-based markup language for generating movies and effects, but you
can read it without stress.


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