RE: [htdig] searching in flash movies

Subject: RE: [htdig] searching in flash movies
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 09:47:25 PDT

At 4:21 PM +0100 9/7/2000, Srini Sathya. wrote:
>i am having exactly the same problem I have an flash file (swf) which
>contains all the hyperlink to the main site. I wanna to dig all the
>relative sites which that flash file contains. Is this achievable??.
>Currently i am creating an link manually for all those links and then
>digging. This, considering the long-term requirements will not help as lot
>of sub-directories will getting added, is there any workaround??

If you have any control over the content, Flash has several ways to
add a visible version of the text in the movie. I believe there's an
option when you generate the movie, and I know the AfterShock utility
will build both text and HTML links automatically.

There must be a way to get into the Flash movie because the
search engine can index them. I think they made a deal with
Macromedia for the file format though.

In the long run, I sure hope SVG wins over Flash -- it's a proper
XML-based markup language for generating movies and effects, but you
can read it without stress.


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