RE: [htdig] Problems indexing our intranet

Subject: RE: [htdig] Problems indexing our intranet
From: Martin Mielke (
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 06:49:41 PDT

Hello again,

> At 11:53 AM +0200 9/5/00, Martin Mielke wrote:
> > > If your intranet server creates dynamic directory
> indexes, then you
> > > don't need to have index.html files for each
> subdirectory. Otherwise,
> > > you'll need to make index.html files to link to the
> files you want.
> >
> >how do I notice that?
> Pull up a subdirectory link in your browser. Does it look like a
> listing of files with links to them?

it seems that the server creates such dynamic directory indexes. The look
like an ftp session made through any web browser

[ start of pasted text ]

Index of /intranet
 Name Last modified Size Description Parent
Directory 29-Aug-2000 14:04 -
 DIR1/ 31-Aug-2000 20:44 -
 DIR2/ 31-Aug-2000 20:46 -
 DIR3/ 06-Sep-2000 17:25 -
Apache/1.3.12 Server at intranet Port 80

[ end of pasted text ]

Now I've noticed the following:
Given /home/httpd/html as the default DocumentRoot and moving index.html to, for example, a http://intranet/ brings me to the index
mentioned above. So far, so good...
Now, if index.html contains links to internal paths in the intranet, like
/DIR1, I get a:

[ start of pasted text ]

Not Found
The requested URL /DIR1 was not found on this server.

[ end of pasted text ]

Any ideas and/or suggestions? (appart of telling me to learn how to make
HTML pages :-)) )


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