[htdig] display search results in multiple frames ?

Subject: [htdig] display search results in multiple frames ?
From: Simon Schäfer (simon@gekko.de)
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 04:57:44 PDT


is there some way to display the search results in multiple frames, e.g.
putting the navigation-buttons (usually at the bottom of the page) in a
frame on the left side and the detailed site listing in the right frame
? As far as I understand htsearch, it generates ONE html-site, which is
customizable, but are there any options to build a frameset ? Thanks in
advance for replies.


Simon Schaefer

Simon Schäfer, gekko * E-mail: <simon@gekko.de>
Rathausallee 10 * D-53757 Sankt Augustin
Tel.: ++49 2241 14 35 75 * Fax.: ++49 2241 92 45 84

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