[htdig] Using a different program for digging

Subject: [htdig] Using a different program for digging
From: Luis Henrique Cassis Fagundes (lhfagund@ig.com.br)
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 09:38:31 PDT

        I need a search engine for a heavy loaded website with a lot of
information, and I'd like to use htdig. The problem is that the texts to
be indexed are not in a page, they're in an Oracle database, so htdig
can't index them. I want to make a program (that I believe it will be
much simpler than htdig itself) to read the database and generate
db.docdb and db.wordlist, so htmerge would create the word database as
it were from the website, as I want.
        For that I need the specification of these two files, I didn't find it
in the site. Has anyone develop something like this before, or know
where to find these specifications?


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