Re: [htdig] where to send replies (was: index always scores 100)

Subject: Re: [htdig] where to send replies (was: index always scores 100)
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 09:16:13 PDT

According to Ted Stresen-Reuter:
> (BTW, should I be replying directly to all of you, to the list, or to all?)

The main thing is to get replies on the mailing list, so they're archived
for posterity. (See

Beyond that, it becomes a judgement call. As a thread ages, it tends to
acquire more and more respondants, which means more and more duplicate
copies for respondants that are already on the list, unless you prune off
the extra addresses from the To or Cc list before sending your reply.
It's a good idea to do that pruning as a thread changes topic, at the
very least, as is the case with this message.

If you know someone is already on the list, then you can safely prune
them off the To or Cc list. If they ask that replies get sent directly
to them, then don't take them off, even when responding to a reply to
the original question, unless you don't think the original poster would
be interested.

Also, with all the delays we've had on the mailing list in the past
few weeks, I rather like getting direct replies even though I'm on the
list, as long as I know the list will be getting a copy too. I don't
like getting initial queries directly though! Those should go only to
the list.

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