Re: [htdig] Digging problem, probably css-related?

Subject: Re: [htdig] Digging problem, probably css-related?
From: Thomas Rother (
Date: Tue Sep 05 2000 - 01:32:36 PDT

Thanks Geoff & Jesse,

Geoff Hutchison wrote:

> Perhaps I don't understand what you're trying to do. Those messages
> certainly indicate that the .css file isn't indexing.

But after that, the HTDIG simply stops indexing the rest in this directory.
THAT'S my problem ;-(. The last message form htidg is:

    Rejected: Extension is invalid!
    url rejected: (level 1)

Meanwhile, the structure in this directory is:

data:/webroot/gaiaev # ls
. gaia2000gp index.html newsoutput.htm
.. gaiacd_gp index_start.htm nframe.html
.htaccess gaul innstats old_html
admin ginventar.htm main.htm praes
adressen.htm htdig mitarbeiter satzung.htm teck

bookmarker htdigsearch.html mv schulung2
css htmlnews.htm mysql schulung3
druckvor images navtree.htm search.htm
data:/webroot/gaiaev #

index.html is the main frameset and navtree.htm contains the links leading
to all other parts of the cluster. The links in "navtree" are part of a
javascript code, it displays some tree strucutre:

<script LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
var total=1;
var db = new Array();

// -- Enter Values Here --
// Format: dbAdd(parent[true|false] , description, URL [blank for nohref],
level , TARGET [blank for "content"], new? [1=yes])
<!-- erste ebene -->
dbAdd(false , "Startseite" , "index.html" , 0 , "_parent" , 0)
dbAdd( false , "ToDo Liste" , "../cgi-bin/todolist" ,0 , "_blank" , 0)
dbAdd( false , "Download /gaiaev", "">", 0 , " _blank"


So now, I found the problem and some workaround ;-): htdig can not parse any
URls which are made up by javascript code... So I copied those links from
the navtree.htm js part into a new standard-html-code file called
"navtree_htdig.htm" and started indexing from there, not from index.html.
Not very elegant, but it works.

Does anyone have a better idea? Is there any way I can tell HTDIG to index
those links inside the <script>"dbAdd(...)</script>" code? It's said that
the latest beta can read <script> code....


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