Re: [htdig] Digging problem, probably css-related?

Subject: Re: [htdig] Digging problem, probably css-related?
From: Thomas Rother (
Date: Mon Sep 04 2000 - 14:53:46 PDT

Geoff Hutchison wrote:

> I can't imagine why the text parser would do anything strange with
> CSS. However, you probably don't want to index CSS files, so I'd add
> .css to bad_extensions in your config file:

Thanks for that hint, Geoff, but: In now have the following directives in

    exclude_urls: /cgi-bin/ .cgi .css /suchdb/ Msgs mh.rsc suck
htdig mhonarc
    bad_extensions: .css .htaccess

and still I get:

    href: ()

      Rejected: Item in the exclude list: item # 3 length: 4

    url rejected: (level 1)

    title: GAIA WEB INTERN Titelseite
     size = 2986
    pick:, # servers = 1
    data:/opt/www/htdig/bin #

I don't understand at all ...



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