[htdig] Banks

Subject: [htdig] Banks
From: Umang M. (Info@natwestfraud.com)
Date: Mon Sep 04 2000 - 03:02:26 PDT

High Street Robbery by NATWEST Bank

Bankers admit to 'Egregious errors"

Please visit website http://www.natwestfraud.com. It is on most of the
leading Search Engines in the world, i.e., AOL search engine for the key
word "natwest bank". This is an informative and educational website.
Your comments are appreciated and can be emailed at

I would recommend that consumers and companies to evaluate their
relationship with Natwest Bank (now known as Royal Bank of
Scotland Group), and boycott Law firms of Dibb Lupton Alsop and
Hamlin Slowe in UK for their unethical and deceitful practices.

Linked to the above website is art and cultural sites along with book titled
"Individual, Society and the World" due for publication in year 2000.

Any comments and ideas relating to table of contents of the book would
be much appreciated and can be emailed at umang261@aol.com.

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