Re: [htdig] Mirror Sites and Rsync

Subject: Re: [htdig] Mirror Sites and Rsync
From: Andrew Scherpbier (
Date: Fri Sep 01 2000 - 10:18:48 PDT

Gilles Detillieux wrote:
> According to Geoff Hutchison:
> > To check out files and/or devdocs (for
> > cvs -d -z6 co files
> > cvs -d -z6 co devdocs
> More importantly, how does one check out a specific branch of the htdig3
> source tree? Do you use a command like
> cvs -d -z6 co htdig3-2-x
> or is it more like
> cvs -d -z6 co htdig3 {some other option} htdig3-2-x
> ?

Neither of those are correct.
You need to supply the '-r' (revision tag) option to 'co' (checkout):

        cvs co -r htdig-3-2-x htdig3

But this will do the checkout in the directory called 'htdig3'. So instead
you probably want something like this:

        cvs co -r htdig-3-2-x -d htdig-3-2-x htdig3

BTW, note that I skipped the other options to 'cvs'. You can put those on the
commandline if you need to.
I generally set the CVSROOT environment variable to whatever was after the
'-d' option as in:

        setenv CVSROOT



Also, I found it very handy to create a ~/.cvsrc file that contains something
like the following:

        cvs -q -z 6
        update -d

which saves you lots of cvs command typing...
You can simply go into a CVS directory and type

        cvs update

and it will magically perform

        cvs -q -z 6 update -d

Please note that this also nicely points out the fact that options can either
go to the 'cvs' command or to the subcommand (like 'co' or 'update'). I have
always thought that that was really confusing, especially since the same
option names are used for different purposes like '-d' ('cvs -d update' is
different from 'cvs update -d')

Also note that once you have checked out a branch using the '-r' option, all
files and directories in that checkout will be 'sticky' to that branch. This
means that if you make changes and commit them, they will automatically go
into the correct branch so you don't need to keep using '-r htdig-3-2-x' on
The CVS manual has more information about tags and other things you can do
with them, but generally you won't need to. (At work we use the tag moving
operations quite a bit to save on having to merge branches... It actually
works pretty well.)

Hope this helps!

Andrew Scherpbier (
Evoke Communications (

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