Re: [htdig] passing a string through to htsearch results

Subject: Re: [htdig] passing a string through to htsearch results
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 11:15:02 PDT

Earlier I wrote:
> According to Malcolm Austen:
> > Oh, that's much too easy! 8-) I'm afraid I read too many restrictions into
> > what I could do with allow_in_form.
> What restrictions did you read into it? Can we make the documentation
> for allow_in_form clearer somehow to avoid this confusion? Suggestions
> are welcome.

Does the following addition to the allow_in_form description help? I'm
adding it to the 3.2.0b3 documentation. Unfortunately, that won't help
for existing 3.1.5 users, but I could add it to the web site's attrs.html

    The general idea behind this is to make an input parameter out
    of any configuration attribute that's not already automatically
    handled by an input parameter. You can even make up your own
    configuration attribute names, for purposes of passing data from
    the search form to the results output. You're not restricted
    to the existing attribute names. The attributes listed in the
    allow_in_form list will be settable in the search form using
    input parameters of the same name, and will be propagated to
    the follow-up search form in the results template using template
    variables of the same name in upper-case. You can also make select
    lists out of any of these input parameters, in the follow-up search
    form, using the build_select_lists configuration attribute.

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