[htdig] minimum_prefix_length

Subject: [htdig] minimum_prefix_length
From: Vincent QUERU (vqueru@free.fr)
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 09:36:32 PDT

I installed ht://Dig today and everything seems to work just fine but I have a
problem with the minimum_prefix_length attribute.

Although I have set it to 1 in my htdig.conf file, I don't get any matches when
I search for 'i*' for instance while I get answers when I search for 'is*'.

Is there an explanation for this ?

Should I just leave prefix:1 in my search_algorithm line and drop the exact:1 ?

Thanks a lot for your help and sorry if this question has already been asked
many times before, I looked throught the most recent messages but I didn't find
anything satisfactory.

                        Vincent QUERU

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