Re: [htdig] passing a string through to htsearch results

Subject: Re: [htdig] passing a string through to htsearch results
From: Malcolm Austen (
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 07:49:34 PDT

On Thu, 31 Aug 2000, Geoff Hutchison wrote:

+ See <> which should do what
+ you want.

Thanks Geoff, I'll try to do some more reading 8-) but for the moment I
can't see how that will help me. I'm trying to do a substitution into one
header.html rather than have to set up 100+ separate header.html files
(although I suppose I could automate the generation of them at a pinch) so
allowing search_results_header in the form would only work if it allowed
me to hand in the actual HTML for the header rather than a filename.

I've tried to work out whether allowing build_select_lists would get me
anywhere but it only seems to allow me to meddle with existing
configuration options, I don't see any way to use it to create a new
$(VAR) substitution with no interaction with any existing options.

If there were a config option of the form
        set_variable: name "value"
then I'd be home and dry, but I don't see it listed 8-)

I may yet resort to catching the output of htsearch and doing the
substitution myself since a simple, single line substitution will do me

+ Please note that this attribute can open up security holes if not used
+ carefully!

Indeed, I can see a number of things _not_ to do with it 8-)

I shall probably stop reading the documentation now and come back to it
next week - my weekend starts in a couple of hours 8-)

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