[htdig] IRIX compile fix

Subject: [htdig] IRIX compile fix
From: Bob MacCallum (maccallr@icrf.icnet.uk)
Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 06:09:47 PDT


I just managed to compile htdig for IRIX 6.5 without the o32/n32
error and also without too many warnings,
using cc (not gcc). For the record, here is what I had to do,
it differs a little from what it says in:


edit Makefile.config to change these two lines
# LIBDIRS= -L../htlib -L../htcommon -L../db/dist -L/usr/lib
LIBDIRS= -L../htlib -L../htcommon -L../db/dist
# LIBS= $(HTLIBS) -lz -lnsl -lsocket
LIBS= $(HTLIBS) -lz -lsocket


that's it. it works, and as usual, I don't really know why... ;-)
our /etc/compiler.defaults are: -DEFAULT:abi=n32:isa=mips3
I'm not subscribed to the list (yet), so any replies to me please.


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