Re: [htdig] Cannot get htdig to see title_factor?

Subject: Re: [htdig] Cannot get htdig to see title_factor?
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Wed Aug 30 2000 - 15:02:26 PDT

According to
> Hrm, the reason why I made this guess is because I had a similar problem
> earlier today. Non of my results pages were showing any footers. After a
> bit of head scratching, I simply turned this:
> search_results_header: ${common_dir}/header/arts.html
> search_results_footer: ${common_dir}/footer/arts.html
> into this:
> search_results_header: ${common_dir}/header/arts.html
> search_results_footer: ${common_dir}/footer/arts.html
> and it worked perfectly (for all 80 or so config files). Now, I noticed
> that this is a bit different from the previous user (since I am using a
> variable), should I simply have wrapped the ${common_dir}/header/arts.html
> in single quotes?

> Oops, one other thing I just noticed, is that I'm using ver 3.1.5 and not
> 3.2. Perhaps this was a bug in 3.1.5 that was fixed?

Well, having worked with and used 3.1.5 very extensively, I think I
can say with almost complete certainty that extra blank lines in config
files make no difference at all. Perhaps there's a problem with your
build of the code on your system, but probably more likely there was
a problem with the config file itself, which may have been resolved
inadvertently when you edited the change above. What editor where you
using to edit the file, and was it previously edited the same way?
If you're using a Mac-based text editor, you're asking for trouble,
as the Mac uses a different text file format.

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