Re: [htdig] applet toc and htdig OR java vs javascript

Subject: Re: [htdig] applet toc and htdig OR java vs javascript
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Wed Aug 30 2000 - 11:57:53 PDT

According to Frances Santiago:
> I understand the difference between the java applet I have running the toc
> and the numerous javascript links I have calling internal links. I was
> hoping that htdig could at least follow the links in the pages - I still
> don't know the answer to that question. The HREFs are listed FIRST and
> happen to include javascript after - so I guess a better question is how
> does htdig recognize the end of a link? By the closing </A>?

No, what Torsten was trying to explain is that a link like this:

     <A HREF="/release2000/bibitem/bibite1.html" TARGET="main"
     onMouseover="top.setStatus('Record Loading'); return true;"
     onMouseout="top.setStatus(' '); return true;">Record Loading</A>

is not a Java or JavaScript link at all. It's a standard HTML link,
which just happens to contain snippets of JavaScript code as the
values of some parameters added to the HTML tag. This is altogether
different from link data that's generated on the fly by the browser
while it's executing Java or JavaScript code. In your example, the
JavaScript code merely plays around with the status line, and does not
generate the hypertext reference. htdig will pick up the hypertext
reference from the HREF parameter in the <A> tag, and then keep storing
away the link description text until it hits the closing </A> tag, at
which point it processes the reference.

> I am moving a site from an NT server to Apache. It's very messy and I have
> to get it up and running quickly. I'm trying to determine how much it will
> be reworked.

Unless the code is server-generated, then your choice of server probably
won't have any impact on how the documents will be handled by htdig.
Java and JavaScript are client-side issues, with the exception of Java
servelets which I don't believe you've brought up as an issue here.

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