[htdig] applet toc and htdig OR java vs javascript

Subject: [htdig] applet toc and htdig OR java vs javascript
From: Frances Santiago (santiago@iii.com)
Date: Wed Aug 30 2000 - 09:10:05 PDT

Hi Torsten,

I understand the difference between the java applet I have running the toc
and the numerous javascript links I have calling internal links. I was
hoping that htdig could at least follow the links in the pages - I still
don't know the answer to that question. The HREFs are listed FIRST and
happen to include javascript after - so I guess a better question is how
does htdig recognize the end of a link? By the closing </A>?

I am moving a site from an NT server to Apache. It's very messy and I have
to get it up and running quickly. I'm trying to determine how much it will
be reworked.

Thanks for the reply and the explanation.

At 11:07 AM 8/30/00 +0200, Torsten Neuer wrote:
>Frances Santiago wrote:
>> Sorry about that - here's the entire mail.
>> Thanks, Geoff. I know this is answered in
>> http://www.htdig.org/FAQ.html#q5.18 BUT would htdig really have a problem
>> with a link that looks like:
>> <A HREF="/release2000/bibitem/bibite1.html" TARGET="main"
>> onMouseover="top.setStatus('Record Loading'); return true;"
>> onMouseout="top.setStatus(' '); return true;">Record Loading</A>
>Not sure if you understand the problem at all.
>The link you mention is NOT Java code. It therefore will get noticed
>by Ht://Dig - However, if Java code needs to be executed in order to
>create this part of HTML code, there will not be such a link.
>Ht://Dig does NOT execute Java, JavaScript or any other client side
>code. No indexer (AFAIK of) does. This is because the indexer might
>get stuck within a generated document part where user interaction is
>required. User interaction cannot be predicted by any robot (of course,
>if you're able to write a really nice AI engine that does just this,
>we would probably all be happy - except for the amount of CPU munched
>up by the excuted code and the robot's AI).
> Torsten
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