[htdig] searches timing out

Subject: [htdig] searches timing out
From: Clint Gilders (servermaster@kingsnake.com)
Date: Tue Aug 29 2000 - 10:08:13 PDT

We are having trouble with searches for common words timing out. We
are running the software on two machines with the same results. One
machine is an NT 4.6 server with cygwin 2.0 and htdig 3.15, and the
other is a freeBSD 3.4 machine with htdig 3.15. We have indexed the
same list of URLs on both machines and the databases are as follows:
db.wordlist: 2.5 GB
db.words.db: 1.7 GB
db.doc.db: 1.6 GB
db.docs.index: 50 MB

I know I can limit the number of pages htsearch returns, but is there a
way to limit the actual number of matches so htsearch doesn't spend all
day searching?

Clint Gilders

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