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Subject: Re: [htdig] converter
Date: Tue Aug 29 2000 - 04:10:55 PDT

> > > Hallo,
> > >
> > > does anybody know a converter for MS powerpoint anc MS excel documents
> > > or some other trick to index this document types.
> > >
> > > Thank you.
> > >
> > > Herbert Hölzlwimmer
> >
> > David J Adams wrote:
> >
> > Recent versions of the catdoc MS Word to text converter come with a
> program
> > for converting MS excel files into .CSV files which should do what you
> want.
> >
> > I too would like to know of a MS powerpoint converter for Unix.
> Hi,
> just having gone through the same problem, I used xlHtml to index Excel
> files. For this I had to change the parse_doc file, it can be found together
> with the instructions at the adress below:
> xlHtml also has an option to convert MS powerpoint, but I did not take a
> look at this.
> Hope that helps,
> Sven

        Thanks for this very useful tip.

I've tried xlHtml (version and it seems at least as good
xls2csv, the converter that comes with catdoc, though it could be

        option handling seems flaky.

        HTML output can be generated, but hyperlinks in spread sheets
         are not marked up as links.

I've also tried ppHtml which converts PowerPoint files to HTML, and it
seems adequate as a converter. While indexing our web pages using it processed about a hundred .ppt files ok, and failed on
three with the message "Not enough space". (As I'm using a sizable IRIX
system with plenty of memory and disk space I don't know why I should
get such a message.)

The next version of will include examples of using both
pptHTML and xlHtml as converters. I should be releasing it sometime in

David J Adams
Computing Services
University of Southampton

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