[htdig] database too big?

Subject: [htdig] database too big?
From: Dattl Juergen (juergen.dattl@liwest.at)
Date: Mon Aug 28 2000 - 12:35:21 PDT


This is my first question to this list.

AIK the max. file size on a reiserfs or an ext2 filesystem is 2GB.
What happens, when the files gets too big. On my computer there are
nearly 6GB with plain text or html. When I run htdig the program
runs normal; that means many pages per seconds are coming through
http, but when one file gets bigger than 2GB the system begins to
swap and the size of the database doesn't get bigger. Where can I
find some doc about using different databases.

Thanx Dattl Jürgen

Dattl Juergen
Registered Linux User 185222

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