[htdig] Full Document not Indexing.

Subject: [htdig] Full Document not Indexing.
From: Karen Reardon (karen.reardon@yale.edu)
Date: Mon Aug 28 2000 - 12:24:24 PDT

This is my first question to this list...

I am running HtDig from an AIX box, works fine. I have added in a link (in
my .conf file) to a second server that is an IIS box, sees the server fine.
On the IIS box the pages are Active Server Pages generated from a SQL
database. One of these pages is larger than the rest and is not indexing
totally. (I can search on titles in the beginning of the list, but not in
the end. On pages that are smaller, I can search the entire page.)

I think I need to change either the max_head_length parameter or the
max_doc_size parameter. I think max_doc_size the correct one. Right now
max_head_length is 100000, there is no entry for max_doc_size, so that
would be the default of 100000.

Can someone confirm that I am on the right track? thanks.

Karen Reardon
Yale University Library

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