[htdig] some directories not indexed, another dig barfs

Subject: [htdig] some directories not indexed, another dig barfs
From: Stephen L Arnold (sarnold@earthling.net)
Date: Sun Aug 27 2000 - 10:37:24 PDT


1) I'm trying to index a bunch of word docs, which worked fine last
time, and html content in separate databases. The html dig goes
fine, but the word doc dig barfs with the db error. It worked fine
before I updated the word doc tree; I'm thinking it might be a
permissions problem (I can't check that machine now, as it's at
work). What do the permissions need to be in the content tree?

2) On another machine, a standard html dig only sees 2 directories,
but not the others (it digs those two directories fine, then thinks
it's done). All directories have the same owner/group and rx
permissions, and are at the top-level apache document root. On two
other machines at my house, it works fine (ie, it sees all the
directories, including the symlink from /home/httpd/html ->
/usr/doc/HTML, where the LDP docs are). Any ideas?

Thanks in advance, Steve

Steve Arnold http://home.earthlink.net/~sarnold418

Linux: It's not just for nerds anymore...

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