[htdig] possible suggestion

Subject: [htdig] possible suggestion
From: Ted Stresen-Reuter (bowlofcereal@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 13:31:48 PDT

Perhaps, should someone be up to the task, the following option could be
included in future versions of htdig...

In general, I prefer setting use_meta_description to true because I use META
description tags and I describe the contents of a page. However, there are
times when there is far more contents than can be summarized in the
description tag. In those instances, it would be nice if htsearch would
return the excerpt rather than the description.

In other words, if the search term is found in the <title>, <meta
name="keywords">, or <meta name="description">, or possibly even inside an
<Hn> tag, then the description for the page is shown. Otherwise, the excerpt
from the page is shown.

Can anyone thing of a way to make this happen now?

Ted Stresen-Reuter

PS: Do I have to re-index my site every time I change my config file or is
the config file read by htsearch?

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