Re: [htdig] Score differences

Subject: Re: [htdig] Score differences
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 12:43:12 PDT

According to Jonas Larsson:
> I have noticed a strange behaviour in how htdig
> computes the score when you search for a keyword.
> If I index my site in one big htdig run and then
> search for a specific keyword in the generated database
> using htsearch I get one set of "scores" for the
> documents found.
> If I on the other hand index different parts of my site
> with several htdig runs, merge the databases together
> into one big database and then search again for the same
> keyword using htsearch I get a different set of "scores"
> for the documents found. The score for the same document
> is often different - strange, seems incorrect.
> Is there a good explanation to this behaviour?

This may be guesswork on my part, but one item that adds a lot of
weight to pages is the link description text from other documents
that link to it. When you index the site in separate parts, I think
you'll lose all the link descriptions for links from one part to
another, so that could have an impact on scores - quite possibly
a profound one.

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