[htdig] Score differences

Subject: [htdig] Score differences
From: Jonas Larsson (jola@cfd-online.com)
Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 01:07:14 PDT

I have noticed a strange behaviour in how htdig
computes the score when you search for a keyword.

If I index my site in one big htdig run and then
search for a specific keyword in the generated database
using htsearch I get one set of "scores" for the
documents found.

If I on the other hand index different parts of my site
with several htdig runs, merge the databases together
into one big database and then search again for the same
keyword using htsearch I get a different set of "scores"
for the documents found. The score for the same document
is often different - strange, seems incorrect.

Is there a good explanation to this behaviour?

- Jonas Larsson

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