Re: [htdig] use_meta_description appears to fail

Subject: Re: [htdig] use_meta_description appears to fail
From: Geoff Hutchison (
Date: Wed Aug 23 2000 - 19:14:46 PDT

At 6:45 PM -0500 8/23/00, Ted Stresen-Reuter wrote:
>I've recently installed htdig 3.1.5 and added use_meta_description:
>true to my config file. I've reindexed my site and yet the search
>results still display the text surrounding the matched terms (which
>isn't terrible, but not what I want).

And the pages have META description tags? When you say you
"reindexed," what did you do?

>Finally, I suspect that both of these odd symptoms may be caused by
>a tag that was present in most pages when the database was installed
>and first indexed: <meta name="revisit-after" content="30 days">.
>Would this tag keep htdig from

I've never seen a tag like this. It's not in the list of recognized
META tags (which is quite large). Not a bad idea though. But to
answer you question, no it would not stop htdig from reindexing the

My first guess would be that you reindexed with the old databases
there, in which case it will just update the pages and it may not
replace them. Even so, if you've modified the pages by adding in the
tags, the pages should be cleaned out. I assume you used them like
so: <!--htdig_noindex-->

To answer you question about the META descriptions, they're always
indexed regardless of whether the use_meta_description is set or not.
That's why it's qualified as an attribute applying to htsearch. So if
you're not seeing them show up, then most likely the documents don't
have META descriptions defined.

I'm going a bit on intuition here--more details (or better yet, a
URL) would really help.


-Geoff Hutchison
Williams Students Online

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