[htdig] several virtual hosts (apache) - one htdig

Subject: [htdig] several virtual hosts (apache) - one htdig
From: Simon Schäfer (simon@gekko.de)
Date: Wed Aug 23 2000 - 06:47:40 PDT


I have several virtual hosts running under apache and don't feel like
compiling & installing a separate htdig for each of them. I'd rather
have one htdig installation (containing the htdig/bin directory) that
can be shared by the virtual servers, each virtual host providing its
own htdig.conf, db-dir and common-dir. Don't see any problem so far,
some db-settings in htdig.conf would have to be changed for every server
according to the htdig-FAQ.

As far as I understand htsearch, the binary contains absolute paths -
correct ? Or can I simply copy the htsearch binary to the corresponding
/cgi-bin/ dir and fire up the search ?

If someone has a better setup for virtual hosts, please tell me...

Thanks in advance & Greetings

Simon Schäfer, gekko * E-mail: <simon@gekko.de>
Rathausallee 10 * D-53757 Sankt Augustin
Tel.: ++49 2241 14 35 75 * Fax.: ++49 2241 92 45 84

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