[htdig] Multiple Databases - How to?

Subject: [htdig] Multiple Databases - How to?
From: Mike Potter (mike@inthehack-inc.com)
Date: Tue Aug 22 2000 - 17:19:44 PDT

  I have read the archives of the mailing list and attempted to get multiple
databases working, but have been unsuccessful so far.
  Here is what I would like:
 I have 4 databases, each with its own .conf file and db directory. I would
like the user to be able to search any of the four, or all of them (I call
that database “all”). I have made a conf file named “all.conf” and a db
directory called “all”. In the all.conf file, it specifies the same
information as one of the previous databases (the smallest one). How
exactly do I merge the 4 databases into one? I think that I run htdig onf
the all.conf file, and then merger the other 3 into that one?
  I am using htdig version 3.1.5.
  I appreciate all the help. If I can get this working, I’d be happy to
write a tutorial or instructions on how to do it so that others can learn.
If someone has written this, please let me know of the URL.

Mike Potter
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