[htdig] htsearch runaway

Subject: [htdig] htsearch runaway
From: Stan Schwarz (stan@iron.gps.caltech.edu)
Date: Tue Aug 22 2000 - 08:12:03 PDT

I'm running 3.20b2 on FreeBSD 4.0 here at the office, and I
ran into a weird problem today. I have all my notes and
status reports on my internal web site, and I was searching
for something I did last week when htsearch ran away. I put
in 'flint dead links' in the search field, and it came up
with the header, said it had two matches, put up the link
to the first match, and then it just sat there. The page
got longer and longer, but it never displayed any more text.
I hit 'stop' when the status bar said it had downloaded over
500k of stuff. If I put quotes around the "dead links" it
came up with one match right away, but just putting those
three word in with no quotes, in any order, seems to make
htsearch run away.

I tried this with both Netscape 4.75 and Mozilla M17, and
the behavior was the same in both cases. If anyone wants
to try it, the URL for the page is:


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