[htdig] problems with contributed script indexurl.pl

Subject: [htdig] problems with contributed script indexurl.pl
From: Joe McFadden (joe@icr.ac.uk)
Date: Mon Aug 21 2000 - 04:37:29 PDT


I'm trying to get the script indexurl.pl to work with htdig 3.1.5

I realise the script is intended for earlier versions of htdig that used the
GDBM database, which has since been replaced with Berkeley DB. I've tried
converting by db.docdb to a GDBM format suitable for the indexurl.pl script, but
although the conversion is working fine the indexurl script dies while trying to
unpack the "references" field of each DB record:-

x outside of string at urlindex.pl line 222.

Presumably the record structure has also changed going from GDBM->DB?

Any help appreciated.



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