Re: [htdig] [PATCH] Regex URL Rewriting for 3.2.0b2

Subject: Re: [htdig] [PATCH] Regex URL Rewriting for 3.2.0b2
From: Andy Armstrong (
Date: Mon Aug 21 2000 - 02:12:03 PDT

Hi Gilles,

I'll have to do some research on server blocks and get back to you...

Gilles Detillieux wrote:
> According to Andy Armstrong:
> > Here's a patch for 3.2.0b2 that introduces a new configuration item,
> > "url_rewrite_rules" that allows a number of regex rewrites to be applied
> > to parsed URLs before they are used. These rules are applied before any
> > processing is done on discovered URLs.
> ...
> > If anyone's using 3.1.5 and would like the same functionality I have a
> > (different) patch that does the same for that version.
> >
> > Comments welcome.
> Hi, Andy. Sorry for the silence, but Geoff and I have been rather busy,
> and apart from us two there's not a huge amount of developer activity
> happening on the list. I just took the time now to review your patches.
> Looks good! The only thing that's missing is some documentation
> updates, and the updates to ht{lib,common}/ to correspond to
> the changes, but that could easily be added in manually.
> In 3.2, the files are automatically produced from the .am
> files using automake.
> This new attribute in 3.2 should probably be made to be usable in server
> blocks, which would mean changing the handling somewhat to allow multiple
> instances of the HtURLRewriter for different servers, but even as-is it
> would still be a very handy addition to 3.2.0b3.
> --
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Andy Armstrong, Tagish

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