RE: [htdig] dig problems (still)

Subject: RE: [htdig] dig problems (still)
From: Stephen L Arnold (
Date: Fri Aug 18 2000 - 15:39:41 PDT

Gilles Detillieux [] wrote:

> This is a hard one to pin down. You probably found that all
> such threads
> in the archives seem to come to an abrubt end. It's a
> database corruption
> problem, and we never seem to get to the bottom of what causes it.
> One cause we've found is if all documents in your database
> are invalidated
> and deleted, the now-empty database seems to give these
> errors. It may
> be a different cause in your case.
> Do you get the error when you rebuild the database from
> scratch (htdig -i)?
> If not, that's your solution, at least as long as it doesn't
> happen again.
> If it happens consistently with htdig -i, then please try to
> pare it down
> to a small test case that still fails consistently. If we
> can reproduce
> the problem ourselves, then we'll finally get a step closer
> to fixing it.

Yes, I get the error with 'htdig -i' even after I rebuilt the binaries from pristine source (and no mods to the by me). Could it be something in the documents themselves? This didn't happen last time, just since I added some new documents to the archive and went to rebuild the database.

Any ideas would be appreciated; if I can't get it to work consistently, then I can't deploy it where other folks can use it :(

Thanks in advance, Steve

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