Re: [htdig] installing htdig for NT

Subject: Re: [htdig] installing htdig for NT
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 12:01:03 PDT

According to Jim Kerslake:
> A while ago I was having some difficulty compiling and running ht://dig on
> an NT box.
> Armed with the archives of this support list, and a lot of trial and error,
> I finally managed to do it.
> I'm still amazed that it works :-)
> Here's my contribution back to the list, in exchange for the support - a
> first rough draft of an installation guide for ht://dig on NT.
> Gilles, Geoff et al... consider it yours to do what you like with.
> All amendments, additions & comments welcome.
> I'll be sending a set of NT binaries to you off-list.

Thanks. I've added it to the contrib/guides section of the web site.

As you're inviting comments, I have a few...

> file 2 --- /htdig/
> [ the extra 'b' above apparently specifies that PDF files should be
> downloaded in binary mode, to avoid file corruption ]

Technically, it's not the download of the file that's affected, as that
is always done in binary mode in HTTP, but it affects how the Cygwin
library's stdio functions will write the file (binary, rather than
text, to avoid newline to CR/LF expansion).

> 12. put (from the NT distribution supplied by
> Stephane Baudet) into C:\htdig\bin and edit it:

Should maybe give the URL for this:

I believe the doc2html package is already Win32-ready as well.

> or try removing the T parameter:
> String command = SORT_PROG;
> String tmpdir = getenv("TMPDIR");
> if (tmpdir.length())
> {
> command << tmpdir;
> }

I don't think that would work, unless Cygwin's sort command allows the
specification of a temporary directory on the command like without any
preceeding option.

I noticed that you didn't mention anything about htfuzzy. If you never
use fuzzy matching, that's fine, but to use the synonyms or endings
algorithm you need to build the database. You may want to include
some mention of the common problem with the /bin/mv command not being
found, so the root2word.db and word2root.db, from an htfuzzy endings,
never get copied into place. The quick fix is to move them manually.
The more elegant fix would be to change the source to use paths to the
installed mv.exe program.

Apart from these few nits, though, I thought it was a great guide! Thanks

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