[htdig] [PATCH] Regex URL rewriting

Subject: [htdig] [PATCH] Regex URL rewriting
From: Andy Armstrong (andy@tagish.com)
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 09:38:19 PDT

Hi Folks,

Enclosed is a patch for 3.1.5 that supports a new config directive,
url_rewrite_rules, that allows a number of regex rules to be set up to
control rewriting of incoming URLs.

We're currently using it to strip JServ session IDs of the end of URLs,
but I can imagine that there might be other uses. If people like it I'll
port it to 3.2.x.

The archive contains a diff file and six new source files that go in the
htlib directory (the directory structure in the archive should be OK
just to move things across).

Feedback to me please.

Andy Armstrong, Tagish


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