[htdig] Re: [HTdig] Apache errors on keyword search

Subject: [htdig] Re: [HTdig] Apache errors on keyword search
From: Gilles Detillieux (grdetil@scrc.umanitoba.ca)
Date: Tue Aug 15 2000 - 10:11:08 PDT

According to Tony Crockford:
> Thanks for this, now I understand why it wasn't working as I expected.
> I've come up with another workaround: Since we're using HTdig on a closed
> intranet with Apache, I've set up a custom error page for error 500
> (premature script error.......) that informs the user that they have typed
> something silly and that they should go back and try again. (meta refresh
> redirected in any case)
> I'll wait for a new release binary to include the patch you mentioned (I
> assume it will?) as I have been unsuccessful in building HTdig from source
> on our version of Linux.

I don't know when I'll get around to building and uploading new RPMs
of htdig-3.1.5 that include the patches. Right now, I don't even have
time to test out the latest 3.2.0 snapshots, which I see as more urgent,
so it may take a while.

Gilles R. Detillieux              E-mail: <grdetil@scrc.umanitoba.ca>
Spinal Cord Research Centre       WWW:    http://www.scrc.umanitoba.ca/~grdetil
Dept. Physiology, U. of Manitoba  Phone:  (204)789-3766
Winnipeg, MB  R3E 3J7  (Canada)   Fax:    (204)789-3930

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