Re: [htdig] more information about doc2html

Subject: Re: [htdig] more information about doc2html
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Tue Aug 15 2000 - 09:42:32 PDT

According to
> I run htdig very successfully and would like to add the ability
> to index pdf-documents. As I read in your FAQ`s there are
> several ways to do so. I decided to use the xpd-package
> on an sun which runs solaris 6. As an interface I choose doc2html
> to parse over the results of pdftotext to the indexer of htdig.
> I am now looking for a more detailled description of the
> doc2html script.
> Thank`s for any piece of information about that point ;-)

Did you not read the DETAILS file that came with the script? If so,
and you need more detail than that, I think you'll need to refer to the
source code for the script, which does include some helpful comments.
To add new converters to the script, I'd suggest following existing
examples in the code.

If David had more detailed documentation than that, I'm sure he'd have
made it available. Perhaps you could be more explicit about what it
is that seems to be missing from the current documentation.

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